Commitment to partnership research

The Carnot institutes network combines scientific excellence with professionalism and is committed to develop research for companies’ innovation.


  • 18% of the French public laboratory workforces
  • 50% of the R&D funded by companies in French public research

The design of a comfortable and reliable stand-alone climb assist system allows FIXATOR to target the world wind energy market

Exolift helps reduce arduous maintenance occupations. The culmination of three years' research, including two year research collaboration with ARTS Carnot Institute, has led to its market uptake.

Partnership ARTS Carnot Institute - FIXATOR

French-SME Teqoya captures both the markets and Environmental Guardians with a highly efficient domestically manufactured air purifier.

Using the Carnot ESP existing competencies in the fields of motorisation and macro-/nano-particle release, Teqoya can help ensure the device is economically and environmentally efficient.

Partnership ESP Carnot Institute -Teqoya

French SME Bulane takes on the challenge of generating clean fuel for welding from water and electricity

The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute and Bulane have been setting standards with innovative developments using hydrogen flame since 2009. Their efforts have enabled the transformation of the underlying concept into a sales mechanism for industrial companies, small businesses and craftsmen alike.

Partnership with Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute and Bulane

Ingénierie@Lyon helps introduce a new set of tools to improve brake pad manufacturing quality

A piece of clamp jaw manufactured using direct metal additive processing increases existing machining productivity.

Ingénierie @ Lyon Carnot Institute, Renault et SMW Autoblok

R&D partnership for innovation


The Carnot Insitute CALYM obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification for the management and monitoring of its research activities and the coordination of its CeVi collection of lymphoma viable cells. Particularity of this year, the changeover to the 2015 version.

Paris, September 25th, 2017 - The Institut Curie (Curie Cancer Carnot Institute) has adopted an ambitious strategy for technology transfer and partnerships with innovative companies. This new dynamic, initiated within the framework of the 2015-2020 MC21 strategic plan, aims at positioning the Institut Curie a reference for technology transfer in oncology. Faithful to the model conceived by Marie Curie in 1909, this new breath will strengthen the interactions between research and care, catalyzing the transformation of research findings into medical applications for maximum patient benefit.

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Infravec2 (Research Infrastructures for the control of vector diseases, in its long version) is an international consortium that brings together 24 partners, coordinated by the Institut Pasteur today. Kenneth Vernick, researcher in the «Pasteur Microbes & Santé» Carnot Institute (Pasteur Microbes & Health), is the Coordinator of the project. Infravec2 will make it possible to develop innovative tools for the control of vector diseases.

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The CALYM Carnot institute and the IMAGINE Associated Carnot Institute jointly organize an international workshop focused on “TRANSLATING NEXT GENERATION GENOMICS IN PRECISION MEDICINE” held at the IMAGINE Institute, Necker Hospital in Paris on January 19, 2018.

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